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DefaultAdapter in Config Files

loheronloheron Member Larry OHeronOrganization: LLE/UofRProject: distributed apps
In creating an Ice config file, please explain the difference between the two examples below:

In example 1 I believe that the Ice runtime automatically reads in the properties and applies them when I say in the code: createObjectAdapter("DefaultAdapter"). The client would say something like stringToProxy("[email protected]").
Example 1:

In example 2 I would say createObjectAdapter("FSDClient") and the client would say something like stringToProxy("[email protected]").
Example 2:

The questions are:
- What is the difference as far as the Ice runtime is concerned between the two examples?
- What is the recommendation for my own user property naming conventions, e.g.

Thank you,


  • bernardbernard Jupiter, FLAdministrators, ZeroC Staff Bernard NormierOrganization: ZeroC, Inc.Project: Ice ZeroC Staff
    Hi Larry,

    The adapter name (DefaultAdapter in your first example and FSDClient in your second example) is purely local to an Ice communicator. It's just a key that the communicator uses to look-up properties when you call createObjectAdapter(name) on this communicator.

    So, as far as the Ice runtime is concerned, your two examples are very similar. Outside the communicator (what goes on the wire in your proxy for example), the behavior is identical since the only thing that matters is the AdapterId ... and you use the same AdapterId in your two examples.

    See http://www.zeroc.com/doc/Ice-3.3.0-IceTouch/manual/Properties.31.2.html for our recommendations regarding property names.

    Best regards,
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