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Ice 3.4 VS Plug-in in a Team Setting

LikadoLikado Member Andrew SibleyOrganization: Vermont Technical CollegeProject: VTank, online multiplayer 3D arcade tank shooter.
Hello, my team and I are using Ice 3.4's Visual Studio plug-in for our VTank project. We're using a version control system to collaborate and track the changes. The plug-in itself seems to be working fine so far for several developers who have it installed.

There seems to be an issue, however, with how the plug-in stores it's settings: We're using the environment variable $(ICEROOT) on each developer's machine in the "Ice Home" field under the configuration settings. However, each time a developer would open the solution file in Visual Studio 2008, the Ice plug-in would re-write the ZerocIce_HomeExpanded property in the project file. It would be re-written to point to where ever the current developer has Ice installed (e.g. "C:\lib\Ice"). This registers as a modification in a version control system. If two developers were to open the solution file simultaneously, and one commits the change to the project file, this might result in a conflict. The only way to prevent this sort of conflict (that we know of) is if everyone agreed to install Ice to the same location, but we think that's an undesirable solution.

We're curious if it's possible to make the plug-in work in this sort of team setting. Is there a way to work around this behavior? Is it more desirable to abandon the plug-in in this case? If so, do you have a suggestion of a way to link assemblies from Ice that's friendly to multiple developers who may have Ice installed in different paths?

Thanks for your time.

- Andy


  • dwaynedwayne St. John's, NewfoundlandMember Dwayne BooneOrganization: ZeroC, Inc.Project: Internet Communications Engine
    The ZerocIce_HomeExpanded setting is used to determine whether the value of the Ice Home setting has changed on startup when variables, like you are using, are present so that it knows whether it needs to rebuild. There is currently no way to prevent this setting from being written. We will look into whether there is a better way of doing this but I cannot promise when or if this will change.

    Personally I think the best solution for now is to have your developers install Ice in the same location as you mention. While this may be undesirable I believe the benefits of using the VS plugin outweigh the inconvenience. Of course you may disagree :)
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