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How to use IceGrid and IcePatch2 in a Project

IvanFlyIvanFly Member Jiant TaoOrganization: Beijing Technology and Business UniversityProject: A software about Logistics Information Management
I have a problem to ask for help. Although I have found a solution,but I think this is not the official way to solve my problem.

I want to use IcePatch2 to download files from the server, and server is activate by IceGridRegistry. There is only a "Ice.Default.Locator" property in the communicator to Locat the server.IcePatch2 needs "Endpoints" property to find the server and I don't know the server's IP,port property except the Registry's locator property .

I download Ice3.4.0 in the Source Distributions. I modified Ice's source code in the C:\Ice-3.4.0\cpp\src\IcePatch2Lib\ClientUtil.cpp. Please notice the red marked section.

It worked after I modified the source code. And client's comunicator only have a Locator property without Endpoints.

IcePatch2::Patcher::Patcher(const CommunicatorPtr& communicator, const PatcherFeedbackPtr& feedback) :
_dataDir(communicator->getProperties()->getPropertyWithDefault("IcePatch2.Directory", ".")),
_thorough(communicator->getProperties()->getPropertyAsInt("IcePatch2.Thorough") > 0),
_chunkSize(communicator->getProperties()->getPropertyAsIntWithDefault("IcePatch2.ChunkSize", 100)),
_remove(communicator->getProperties()->getPropertyAsIntWithDefault("IcePatch2.Remove", 1)),
PropertiesPtr properties = communicator->getProperties();

const char* endpointsProperty = "IcePatch2.Endpoints";
string endpoints = properties->getProperty(endpointsProperty);
ObjectPrx serverBase;
Identity id;
id.category = properties->getPropertyWithDefault("IcePatch2.InstanceName", "IcePatch2");
id.name = "server";
serverBase = communicator->stringToProxy("\"" + communicator->identityToString(id) + "\" ");
serverBase = communicator->stringToProxy("\"" + communicator->identityToString(id) + "\" :" + endpoints);
FileServerPrx server = FileServerPrx::checkedCast(serverBase);
throw "proxy `" + communicator->identityToString(id) + ':' + endpoints + "' is not a file server.";



  • bernardbernard Jupiter, FLAdministrators, ZeroC Staff Bernard NormierOrganization: ZeroC, Inc.Project: Ice ZeroC Staff
    Hi Jiant Tao,

    This appears to be a limitation of icepatch2client. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    Best regards,
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