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StringConverter generates unknown C++ exception

xoraxxorax Member Ivan BrykovOrganization: Opticsplanet inc
Hi everybody!

I'm here again with Converter plugin.

Working with ruby on Windows. Ice version — 3.4.1.

# Warn about connection exceptions

# We want a faster ACM for this demo.

# Network Tracing
# 0 = no network tracing
# 1 = trace connection establishment and closure
# 2 = like 1, but more detailed
# 3 = like 2, but also trace data transfer

# Protocol Tracing
# 0 = no protocol tracing
# 1 = trace protocol messages

#Ice.Plugin.Converter=Ice:createIceStringConverter windows=1251
Ice.Plugin.Converter=Ice:createStringConverter iconv=UTF-8 windows=1251

Ruby code:
initialization_data = Ice::InitializationData.new
initialization_data.properties = Ice::createProperties
@communicator = Ice::initialize([], initialization_data)

the last line dies with:
RuntimeError: caught unknown C++ exception

Any ideas? How do I understand where to dig further?

PS. If I comment last line in config.client everything works ok.


  • xoraxxorax Member Ivan BrykovOrganization: Opticsplanet inc
    I guess I solved it. I moved that configuration line to server config and it began working.
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