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Icestorm Subscriber can not receive the message

shqshq Member Tony ShenOrganization: BaosightProject: SIS
I'm using ICE 3.3.0 and Visual Studio 2005.
When I run my app(C#) on a developer's computer with visual studio 2005, everything is OK. The app can subscribe the topic and receive the message through icestorm. But when i deploy the app,as well as ice.dll and icestorm.dll, to a new computer(Windows XP), which only installs dotnetfx2.0.exe and vcredist_x86.exe, the app still can run but did not receive the message any more. And the most interested thing is after I install the visual studio 2005 or SqlServer 2005(without any services just some client tools) on that computer, the problem is just gone.

This means we will have to intall vs2005 or sqlserver2005 on every computer to run our app. That's crazy. :(


  • SystemSystem Member
    Your firewall maybe block it?

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