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Glacier2.Applicaiton and Redis client listening for Redis events

dmitry.medvedevdmitry.medvedev Member Dmitry N. MedvedevOrganization: PersonalProject: Casual Game Analytics Dashboard ✭✭
I've used Glacier2.Application class in my python client ( on linux ). The problem is that the client reports connection lost from time to time.

Please, have a look at the code. Note the monitor_queue function which, if I'm not mistaken, contains blocking code of a redis client listening for incoming connections.

I'm not sure what is the real cause of the timeouts... Might it be that I print from python code to console having *.Trace.* properties enabled?

...or is the answer concerning the possibly blocking nature of Redis connection preventing Glacier2 client's code to execute in a timely fashion?

Please, share your thoughts.

PS when Glacier2 client goes down, lots of print 'monitor_queue' and print 'listen' strings ( please see the code below ) flushed to the console log.
def runWithSession(self,args):
		props = self.communicator().getProperties()
		auth_proxy = self.communicator().getProperties().getProperty('Auth.Proxy')
		secrt_proxy = self.communicator().getProperties().getProperty('Secrt.Proxy')

				auth_prx = self.communicator().propertyToProxy('Auth.Proxy')
				secrt_prx = self.communicator().propertyToProxy('Secrt.Proxy')
		except Ice.ConnectionRefusedException as e:
				print 'connection refused exception.'

		if not self.auth_client:
				print 'auth not found.'

		if not self.secrt_client:
				print 'secrt not found.'


def monitor_queue(self):
		print 'monitor_queue'
		p = self.redis_client.pubsub(shard_hint=None)
		for item in p.listen():
				print 'listen()'
				if ( item['pattern'] == None ):
				if ( item['data'] == 'lpush' ):
						k = None
						with self.redis_client.pipeline() as pipe:
						k = self.redis_client.lrange(self.self_id,0,1)[0]
						if ( k == None ):

UPDATE: Here is the Glacier2 client's log.
File "/opt/Ice-3.4.2/python/Glacier2.py", line 181, in doMainInternal
    status = self.runWithSession(args)
  File "auth-job.py", line 77, in runWithSession
  File "auth-job.py", line 97, in monitor_queue
  File "auth-job.py", line 141, in process_session
    user_id = self.get_user_id(login,password)
  File "auth-job.py", line 172, in get_user_id
    obj_usr = self.auth_client.Login(u_email,u_pass)
  File "/opt/socket.io/ice.compiled/auth_ice.py", line 76, in Login
    return _M_Auth.IIceAuthenticate._op_Login.invoke(self, ((strName, strPassword), _ctx))
ConnectionLostException: Ice.ConnectionLostException:
recv() returned zero

2014-02-05 12:15:22.262990 auth-job.py: error: unexpected exception when destroying the session Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/opt/Ice-3.4.2/python/Glacier2.py", line 225, in doMainInternal
  File "/opt/Ice-3.4.2/python/Glacier2_Router_ice.py", line 441, in destroySession
    return _M_Glacier2.Router._op_destroySession.invoke(self, ((), _ctx))
SessionNotExistException: exception ::Glacier2::SessionNotExistException


  • dmitry.medvedevdmitry.medvedev Member Dmitry N. MedvedevOrganization: PersonalProject: Casual Game Analytics Dashboard ✭✭

    Investigation shows that python client somehow loses its session to Glacier2 server. The client utilizes the Glacier2.Application object.

    Does anybody know how to restart a session from within Glacier2.Application?

    Please, see the log below:
    -- 02/06/14 22:18:50.752 /opt/Ice-3.4.2/bin/glacier2router: Glacier2: destroying session
       id = f7d7a099-5678-4e00-87cd-e39b8571e8db
       category = *=cs!&cn:zH8}|u<"(IW
       local address =
       remote address =
    -- 02/06/14 22:18:50.754 /opt/Ice-3.4.2/bin/glacier2router: Glacier2: exception while destroying session
       OutgoingAsync.cpp:643: Ice::ObjectNotExistException:
       object does not exist:
       identity: `GameXGrid/702C16F3-B7AF-45A0-93DD-36E5A350A9B4'
       operation: destroy
    -- 02/06/14 22:19:39.404 /opt/Ice-3.4.2/bin/glacier2router: Glacier2: rejecting request. no session is associated with the connection.
       identity: Authenticate
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