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Ubuntu 16.04 repository error

I think that there is an error in the directory structure for the Ubuntu 16.04 deb repository. Following the install instructions at [1] results in a repo line of [2]. This matches the directory structure for the other ubuntu repositories (e.g. 14.04). However the actual directory appears to be [3] (notice the duplicated ubuntu16.04). Prior to updating my sources.list file I received errors about being unable to find packages or headers (sorry I lost the exact error message). After modifying sources.list so that it contains [3] I was able to install ice 3.6.2 without problems.

p.s. Thanks for hosting the repos its makes staying up to date more convenient!

[2] deb stable main
[3] deb stable main


  • xdm
    xdm La Coruña, Spain

    Hi John,

    Thanks for reporting the issue, we have fixed the servers, but sync could take some time.


  • Jose,

    It works for me now. Thanks for the quick fix.