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IcePatch2 will be removed in future releases of Ice?

It's great that a new Ice Beta version is released (3.7b). In the relase notes, it says this service is deprecated and will be removed. Will you introduce a better replacement soon? In fact, the same question goes with Freeze also.
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  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL

    Hi Ozgur,

    Thank you for your comments.

    We don't plan to replace IcePatch2 with a similar service, as file distribution is not a core feature of Ice. Keep in mind that IcePatch2 is just an Ice-based server: once we no longer include IcePatch2 with Ice, you should be able to build IcePatch2 from sources using the latest Ice version without much effort.

    Freeze is becoming an add-on to Ice as of Ice 3.7, and we will eventually discontinue Freeze. In particular, Freeze 3.7 will support only C++98 and Java Compat, and not the new Slice to C++11 and Slice to Java mappings.

    Freeze relies on the Berkeley DB embedded database, and we're unfortunately unable to upgrade to recent versions of Berkeley DB because they are now licensed under AGPLv3, which is not compatible with our open-source license, GPLv2. See

    At this time, we're not working on a replacement for Freeze. In Ice 3.7, IceGrid and IceStorm store their data in LMDB through a thin internal "IceDB" layer:
    It's possible we'll improve IceDB and make this API public in a future Ice release.

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