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License question

Hi all,

I'm just in the middle of reading the gigantic CORBA/ICE flamefest in comp.soft-sys.ace. Very entertaining, really! ;-) I ran across this part of a posting from Michi:
... The business model is
unusual though. For example, people can use Ice free of charge
under the GPL: as long as they make their source code available
and don't charge anything for their software, Ice is free. ...

(Emphasis mine.) According to the GPL, you are free to sell open source products. I mean, sure, it's harder (some might say not-feasible) to sell an open source product, but people do it all the time, even the GNU folks. So if I build a GPL product that uses ICE, can't I sell it? Is there an additional stipulation in the ICE license that places additional restrictions on derivative code?

Just wondering,



  • marc
    marc Florida
    No, you are correct. The only requirement is that you make your code available and allow redistribution, under a license that is compatible with the GPL. Whether or not you charge for your software is up to you.

    Ice uses the GPL unmodified. There are no additional license requirements.
  • OK, that's what I thought. Thanks for the clarification!

  • Yep, sorry, me bad -- I wasn't clear about this point and simply got it wrong.