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Ice Client server question?


I am pretty new with Ice ...just had a couple questions for you experts out there.. (I have read a lot of the docs..there is just so much to learn!)

what would be the best way to implement multiple game Players connecting to an Ice Server?

I would like to be able to handle 100-1000 players connecting to the server.. and they would just interact with a game Map..using functions..

also how do I dynamically create instances of the player objects so each player gets his/her own Player object when they connect? just need a rough Idea...

Any help would be appreciated!




  • levellevel Member ✭✭
    Do you know "Object Factory"?
  • frostzerofrostzero Member
    I think so..do I need to set that up for my Player Interface? the PlayerI (implementation) class or is that for straight classes only(non interface)?

    I am trying to get it..

    What I am doing so far is having the client connect to a known PlayerManager interface. Then using a Connect() function I create a "new" Player Object(also an interface with a struct for data in the implementation). Then I Adapter->add this new object and return the proxy as a string in an out param to the client for reference.

    then I remove the Player object upon disconnect..

    Am I missing something?

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