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About ICE for delphi


About ICE for delphi ,

This is extremely important.

I am a physicist,

I develop the large-scale simulation system after commonly used delphi,

The whole world has surpasses the surely person to use delphi,

It is the global most formidable effectiveness development kit (win32).

If can succeed,

Regarding the world will be an extremely good news !

Delphi and ICE will be able to become in the world the best combination !

We are anticipating !!!



  • Hi Godman,

    we currently have no plans for doing a Delphi implementation of Ice. Sorry to disappoint you -- if more people ask for this, we'll definitely rethink the idea.


  • ICE+Delphi(or CB)=Great fun and powerful.
    Borland RAD is best ,and ice is a great.if they can combine together.i think it will be a rocket.(not yaoming's rocket. :) ),a two engine rocket,it can rise faster and higher.