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Connection Error

Hi all, I am a beginner in ICE.

I Complied HelloWorld Demo for C# and It works fine if I run Client and Server in same computer.

The problem occupted when client side and server side located in different computer there is run time error occuped,

and here is the error message:

Ice.ConnectFailedException: Connect failed: connection refused
at IceInternal.ProxyFactory.checkRetryAfterException(LocalException ex, Int32
at Ice.ObjectPrxHelperBase.__handleException(LocalException ex, Int32 cnt)
at Ice.ObjectPrxHelperBase.ice_isA(String __id, Context __context)
at Ice.ObjectPrxHelperBase.ice_isA(String __id)
at HelloPrxHelper.checkedCast(ObjectPrx b)
at Client.run(String[] args, Communicator communicator)
at Client.Main(String[] args)

Here is my config file:

# The client reads this property to create the reference to the
# "hello" object in the server.

Ice.Default.Locator=IcePack/Locator:default -h victorchan -p 10000 :udp -p 10000 -h victorchan

Hello.Proxy=hello:tcp -p 10000:udp -p 10000

["victorchan" is my computer name.I am runing WinXP Home Edition]

Is there anything I forget to do if i need to make client and server side run in different computer?

Can anyone help?

Thanks a lot.


  • marcmarc FloridaAdministrators, ZeroC Staff Marc LaukienOrganization: ZeroC, Inc.Project: The Internet Communications Engine ZeroC Staff

    Hello.Proxy=hello:tcp -h victorchan -p 10000:udp -h victorchan -p 10000

    You can trace connection establishment with:


    With tracing, you will see exactly where the client attempts to connect to.
  • Thanks marc ^^
    It works^^

    Sorry, may I ask another question?

    Is there any demos for C# that showing how to pass Dataset through ICE?

    Thanks !
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