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Publish to IceStorm with compression

I'm testing the compression in IceStorm and I'm not sure if I have a right config.
Here is my case:
  1. the bandwidth between publisher and icestorm server is limited, the communication should be compressed;
  2. the icestorm and subscribers are in local network, compression could be disabled
The publisher is one way batch mode and have config
Ice.Override.Compress = 1

And for the publisher, I have bzip2.jar in class path.

The questions are:
  1. Does the IceStorm config need to add Compress config? I need this config for subscribers too?
  2. Does the uncompression happens in IceStorm server or subscribers, and I need to add bzip2 lib to their path? and for IceStorm, it started from icebox commandline(c++ version?) and I need libbiz2 in PATH?
Thanks in advance!


  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France

    Your setting is fine. The publisher will compress the request and it will be un-compressed by IceStorm and forwarded un-compressed to subscribers. You can enable protocol tracing to see if requests/replies are sent compressed or un-compressed. Set the Ice.Trace.Protocol=1 property to enable this tracing.

  • Hi Benoit,

    Thanks for your reply, the compression is working now.
    But we see that the memory of icestorm server goes up with this compression config when publishing fast (3-4 Mbps), finally icestorm will eat up all memory.

    Is it because in compress the messages are buffered in icestorm? Without the compress in publish, I didn't see the large memory usage.
    could we reduce the memory in some way?