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Publish to IceStorm with compression

boomtownboomtown Member Tony leeOrganization: PersonalProject: trading system
I'm testing the compression in IceStorm and I'm not sure if I have a right config.
Here is my case:
  1. the bandwidth between publisher and icestorm server is limited, the communication should be compressed;
  2. the icestorm and subscribers are in local network, compression could be disabled
The publisher is one way batch mode and have config
Ice.Override.Compress = 1

And for the publisher, I have bzip2.jar in class path.

The questions are:
  1. Does the IceStorm config need to add Compress config? I need this config for subscribers too?
  2. Does the uncompression happens in IceStorm server or subscribers, and I need to add bzip2 lib to their path? and for IceStorm, it started from icebox commandline(c++ version?) and I need libbiz2 in PATH?
Thanks in advance!


  • benoitbenoit Rennes, FranceAdministrators, ZeroC Staff Benoit FoucherOrganization: ZeroC, Inc.Project: Ice ZeroC Staff

    Your setting is fine. The publisher will compress the request and it will be un-compressed by IceStorm and forwarded un-compressed to subscribers. You can enable protocol tracing to see if requests/replies are sent compressed or un-compressed. Set the Ice.Trace.Protocol=1 property to enable this tracing.

  • boomtownboomtown Member Tony leeOrganization: PersonalProject: trading system
    Hi Benoit,

    Thanks for your reply, the compression is working now.
    But we see that the memory of icestorm server goes up with this compression config when publishing fast (3-4 Mbps), finally icestorm will eat up all memory.

    Is it because in compress the messages are buffered in icestorm? Without the compress in publish, I didn't see the large memory usage.
    could we reduce the memory in some way?

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