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IceBox -- adding service during runtime


I'm wondering whether there is a simple way to add an IceBox service to a running IceBox server? I can't see anything like that in the IceBox::ServiceManager interface.

As an alternative I thought about using IceGrid and deploying multiple instances of a service on a particular node but that would require a separate JVM for each service, I guess (I'm using Java as a primary languague). For my small, simple services that's a little waste of resources.

Can you recommend something?
How difficult would be to extend ServiceManager interface with addService/removeService operations?



  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France

    Yes, this isn't supported by IceBox. Currently, services can only be configured through Ice configuration properties. It's possible to start/stop services at runtime however. It shouldn't be very complicated to support adding/removing services at runtime in Java. This is something we could consider adding if you have a commercial need for such a feature (to discuss this, contact us at Otherwise, since we provide the source, this is also something you could look into adding.

  • Thanks Benoit,

    Ok, I see. I'll look into sources and will try to implement it myself.