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Problem to build ICE 3.7 with gradlew build

I try to get the ICE 3.7 Java build with gradlew build. Downloaded with Eclipse from and go through

What went wrong? I put the output log as file attach.

Questions are:

ICE_HOME variable is only 3.7.0 and not 3.7.1

I can only download on the Ice-3.7.0.msi version.

"On Windows with an MSI installation:

set ICE_BIN_DIST=cpp
set ICE_HOME=C:\Program Files\ZeroC\Ice-3.7.1"

I use Java jdk-9.0.4 version and get the problem "> Configure project :IceGridGUI
Evaluating project ':IceGridGUI' using build file 'C:\Users\MarkS\git\ice37from20180210\java\src\IceGridGUI\build.gradle'.
Proguard does not yet support Java 9. Plain IceGridGUI JAR will be built.